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Machine Translation

EQHO’s Machine Translation (MT) solutions empower companies to amplify global content production by enabling all types of content to be translated, no matter where it features in the content value chain

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Translate high volume non-critical content

quickly and cost effectively

Changes in consumer expectation means that global customers expect a completely native language experience from beginning to end of the buying journey, whether it be perusing product descriptions on a website or mobile application, trouble shooting in online help pages, reading reviews or chatting with customer support. Combined with this, market pressures have led to a demand for cheaper pricing and faster turnarounds. It is simply not practical, scalable or affordable to rely solely on human translators. We help companies address this challenge by offering a suite translation technology solutions, which when combined with human post-editing, enable us to deliver high-volume human quality translation – faster and cheaper. 


How does it work?


See what you can save

The above is a theoretical representation of savings and productivity gains that can be achieved over a 2 year period in a single language and specific subject domain. Content that matches that contained in existing EQHO translation engines and where corpus availability exceeds that seen in the model, may lead to expedited savings and productivity gains.

MT Explained

1. Goals & Objectives

At the beginning of every onboarding, we will carry out an in-depth consultation with you to ensure we fully understand the requirements. This includes the content purpose and where it will be published, subsequent quality expectations, project budgets and time requirements. When we are certain we have everything we need, we’ll select an existing engine most suited to your needs and customize it, or alternatively, develop a new translation engine from the ground up.

2. Train the engine

Based on the specific subject domain, using linguists and translation engine specialists, we’ll train and configure your translation engine in order to give the best possible returns right from the start. As well as training the engine using millions of words of bi-lingual content from a matching domain, it will include importing your company’s previous translations (from TMs) in order to further enhance the engine output. At this stage we’ll load in terminology and set up usage rules so that all of your company terminology is translated correctly.

3. Edit & re-train

We run your source content through the translation engine. In turn these translations are edited by professional post-editors and re-fed back into the translation engine in order to refine the engine further. Language rules and settings are adjusted in parallel. This same ‘edit and re-train’ process is conducted at frequent intervals during the project and in subsequent projects until the engine produces publication quality translations that do not require any human intervention – the holy grail of the translation industry.

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