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Blizzard & EQHO Deliver
Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft to Thailand

Blizzard Entertainment wanted to capitalize on the worldwide success of Hearthstone by launching into the lucrative $1.5 billion Southeast Asian mobile games market, but had never released any of their titles in Southeast Asia before, so not only needed a regional games localization thoroughbred, but a partner that could guide them through the demographic, technical, linguistic and cultural challenges.

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Work From Home: How to be productive and healthy in times of uncertainty

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Localize your Hotel & Hospitality Brand: Now is the right time!

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3 steps to add value to eCommerce localization

eCommerce Website Translation

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Transcreation in Marketing: Go Global with Proper Localization

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How to “touch the heart” of the Chinese market through localization?

China is doing its best to position itself as a unique entity both politically and commercially, with great success on…

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