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Translation and voiceover pricing just how you like it – simple, transparent and loaded with added value

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High quality projects
delivered on time & budget

Having our two localization production centers located in Southeast Asia has its fair share of benefits. Besides the buzz of being situated in one of the most exciting regions on the planet; inexpensive costs of living, low business overheads and access to an abundance of skilled talent, mean that we deliver amazing value to our clients.

any way you like

From only
$0.09 per word
Translations by the word

Translations are charged by the word and vary by language and technical difficulty, while translation complexity and word count determine the time required to turn projects around. All translation projects pass through a multistage process to ensure the absolute best quality. This includes translation by subject specialists, followed by editing by a senior editor. Finally, after the project is converted to its final format, we conduct a full proofread by a native language translator.

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Technology, saving time & money

We use translation technology which takes into account repetitive text, so that you won’t pay more than once for the same sentences or paragraphs. We also create and maintain Translation Memories (TM) for you, free of charge. These are essentially databases of your company’s translations – so when you move on to new projects, we can leverage your previous translations to reduce costs, while at the same time increasing consistency and speeding up delivery times.

See how it done

Technology, saving time & money

What you get – 10 steps to success

  • 1


    Project set-up, project plan, quotation and SOW

  • 2

    File prepping

    Preparation of files into translation-ready format

  • 3


    Translation by a subject-matter expert

  • 4


    Editing by a separate senior linguist

  • 5

    File posting

    Engineering of files back to their original format

  • 6


    Proofreading of final document after DTP projects

  • 7

    Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance of all files/ pages

  • 8


    1 round of preferential changes

  • 9

    Translation Memory

    Translation Memory development in TMX, the best-practice TM format

  • 10

    On-time delivery

    On-time delivery via dedicated ftp. or file sharing platform

From only
$12 per minute
Voiceover and multimedia

There are so many ways to quote voiceover. At EQHO we can quote any way you like, so that you can easily compare us with other vendors! We can quote by the source audio length, by the finished audio minute, script word count, by a detailed hourly breakdown of each component, or by no-nonsense flat all inclusive fee, it’s totally up to you.

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99.6% first time approval rate

We always aim to deliver all projects efficiently with the highest levels of quality. While script length, technical terminology, and the purpose of the recording, such as TV broadcast, marketing videos, eLearning, commercials or just basic narration all play a part in determining how quickly voiceover projects can be delivered, we have one aim – first time project satisfaction.

See how it done

Technology, saving time & money

What you get – 10 steps to success

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