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Over the past several years Raimon Land has enjoyed explosive growth and is regarded by Thailand’s Real Estate analysts as the one to watch.

Raimon Land has been consistently recognized as one of the best developers in the country. Most recently, Raimon Land’s 185 Rajadamri won “Best Luxury Condo Development (Bangkok)” at the Thailand Property Awards 2013. In 2012, The River Condominium has been awarded with the titles ‘Best Condo Development’ at the South East Asia Property Awards, and ‘Best Luxury Condo Development (Bangkok)’ plus ‘Best Condo Development (Thailand)’ at the Thailand Property Awards.

Their success has also created regional recognition. With unprecedented growth in foreign demand stemming from Russian and Chinese property investment, Raimon Land knew that they needed to localize their corporate platform and condominium micro sites in order to convert more prospects and grow market share .


  • Raimon Land had not localized their web platforms before, therefore there were a lot of anxieties on how best to approach website localization

  • Raimon Land had several properties in all different stages of launch

  • Content was contained in different formats, including multiple websites and micro sites created my several different developers, and a wide range of marketing collaterals created in a range of design applications


  • A consultative approach based on best practices and industry-accepted localization standards and tools

  • Full internationalization screening of websites and micro sites for linguistic/ compatibility issues

  • A controlled pilot project first in Thai, which could be easily evaluated by Raimon Land’s Thai Stakeholders

  • On approval of Thai, an aggressive localization schedule to roll-out their websites, micro sites and marketing materials in Simplified Chinese and Russian


EQHO’s centralized production model gave the client an end-to-end solution, from consultancy through to the final launch. Over the course of a month, Raimon Land benefited from engaging EQHO in the following distinct ways:

  • Personalized approach – taking advantage of being situated in the same city, face to face meetings were conducted at the Raimon Land and EQHO offices

  • Sensible – instead of moving forward with all three languages simultaneously, EQHO conducted a controlled pilot in Thai in order for the client to evaluate our quality and processes

  • Standardized – by following a set of customized processes whilst applying localization industry standards, including tool usage, the translation and layout quality of marketing brochures far exceeded expectations

  • Streamlined – after a review of the various platforms, and Thai pilot project, Chinese and Russian projects were efficiently executed, helping Raimon Land to quickly tap into these new market opportunities

  • Sustainable – there was a single silo to manage and recycle multi-lingual content assets for each target language; assets were leveraged with each project

  • Costs & ROI – By using a single vendor, ROI was easier to calculate and Raimon Land’s time-to-market revenues far outweighed the cost of their initial investment

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