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Just like many multi-national players in the oil and gas industry, Transocean used to translate in-country, either using a local supplier, or more often than not, their engineers, who translated in their spare time.  In some cases, for example, audio or video, the translations were sent to another supplier for subtitling or voice-over production. By engaging EQHO to perform multi-language translation and to produce materials using a variety of media, Transocean immediately released engineers to do what they are paid to do, whilst eliminating the need to deal with multiple suppliers. In taking Transocean ‘regional’ EQHO helped save on ‘hidden costs’ such as management time and delays in getting translated materials out to the right people.  Transocean also had a single point of contact, and one process to follow, which resulted in a higher-quality end product being simultaneously shipped – no more headaches or delays!



  • Reduce the time that regional and in-country managers and staff spend on purchasing and managing translation

  • Reduce the need for local staff and managers to spend their ‘spare time’ translating documents

  • Speed up the delivery of translated materials in a variety of file formats and media types



  • A regional purchasing model with central or local billing

  • A standard set of procedures for all countries to follow

  • A single email address and FTP account so local offices could send/receive translations to/from a central point

  • A single vendor providing a range of processes including, multi-lingual desktop publishing, and audio/video production

  • A set of localization best practices, including industry-standard tools, and process customization



By purchasing on a regional level, but still involving local staff in review phases, Transocean got the best of both worlds. This simple yet effective approach enabled immediate and long-term cost savings by increasing Transocean’s buying power and eliminating redundant processes. Transocean’s staff and managers no longer needed to translate documents, and translations were delivered more quickly than ever before.

  • Simple – the single contact point (through email and FTP) allowed staff and managers to send and receive requests as and when they needed translation

  • Standardized – translation quality increased due to the adoption of a single process for all countries to follow (eg. glossary; review; translate; review; produce; sign-off)

  • Streamlined – a single vendor providing a range of processes and services, including multi-lingual audio and video enabled simultaneous delivery to the onshore and offshore personnel around the region

  • Sustainable – there was now a single silo to manage and recycle translation assets for each language, helping to drive down costs with each project

  • Sensible – with regionalized purchasing Transocean increased their buying power and eliminated the need to go through the procurement process for each project request; ROI was now much easier to calculate

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