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ABBYY has enjoyed unprecedented growth and is seen by many market analysts as the leader in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Software. Over the years ABBYY has been selected for numerous awards including the Fujitsu Quarterly Innovative Leadership Award, and in 2011 was selected for KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management Award (5 years running).

Their success created worldwide recognition and stimulated immediate demand for their application in multiple foreign languages. Demand for multi-lingual versions forced ABBYY to accelerate their localization plan, and focus on creating a truly global solution that is capable of expanding functionality to existing clients, whilst serving new international markets.



  • ABBYY needed to rapidly get-to-market because of a spike in international demand for their products

  • ABBYY had not yet localized their applications before into certain Asian languages such as Thai

  • With a languages services company under their company umbrella, ABBYY had precise quality expectations and a set of internal processes that EQHO had to follow

  • ABBYY had over a hundred thousand words of content in various formats, including the GUI and help systems of their products, in addition to marketing and website content



  • A methodical approach based on best practices and industry-accepted localization standards and tools

  • Comprehensive testing of all linguists to be assigned to the project

  • An aggressive localization schedule to roll-out the application in European as well as Asian languages

  • On completion of localizing FineReader9 into Thai, EQHO localized FineReader, PDF Transformer, FlexiCapture, Recognition Server and Lingvo Mobile products into European and Asian languages including:  Vietnamese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Greek and Lithuanian



EQHO’s centralized production model gave the client an end-to-end solution, from consultancy through to final implementation.  ABBYY benefited from engaging EQHO in the following distinct ways:

  • Sensible – instead of moving forward with all languages simultaneously, a controlled pilot in Thai, this enabled ABBYY to properly evaluate EQHO’s capabilities and processes prior to moving forward with other top-tier languages

  • Quality oriented – by testing all linguists on ABBYY product strings, help and user documentation, we were able to place the most qualified resources to the project

  • Standardized – by following a set of customized processes whilst applying localization industry standards, including tool usage, the translation quality exceeded expectations

  • Streamlined – after a review of the pilot, multiple languages could be grouped together in order to simultaneously ship multi-lingual versions, helping to meet ABBYY’s aggressive roll-out plans and start recouping their investment

  • Sustainable – there was a single silo to manage and recycle multi-lingual content assets for each target language; assets were leveraged with each project

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