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Software and IT

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Localization for software and IT

From the programs on our desktops and laptops at home and at work, through to mobile apps and even the behind-the-scenes IT that is involved in tasks such as running internet servers and keeping track of our bank accounts – it’s safe to say that in today’s digital world, we rely on software and IT.

When done effectively, localization can help companies in software and IT industries reach their full potential by making products accessible to an international audience and increasing revenue streams. But with intense competition between developers, and buyers becoming more and more savvy, this makes high-quality localization of products and marketing materials essential to help make your software stand out from that of your competitors

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Operating in more than 50 languages, EQHO combines in-country subject specialists with computer-aided translation tools and an in-house team of engineers, programmers, testers, designers, linguists and support staff. With so many experts on-hand, we can offer a solution tailored to your specific requirements, including the localization of:

  • Desktop applications

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Operating systems

  • Servers and system management

  • Antivirus applications

  • Computer-aided design (CAD)

  • Elearning software

  • Games

  • Computer hardware

  • Instrumentation

How to localize

Of course, most of this technology isn’t just used in a single country or region, and for a piece of software to reach its full potential; it must be accessible to a global audience. This means not only performing translation, but localizing the entire program to ensure that everything from the user interface to the images, date and number formatting, sound effects and colors work for each linguistic and cultural market.

Here at EQHO, we specialize in localizing software and IT products, helping our clients reach international markets. We provide a range of customized processes based around best software localization practices, with a goal of ‘sim-shipping’ – the ability for a client to deliver internationalized content simultaneously.

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How to localize

Localization 101

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Whether you’re preparing to release a new piece of software, or are looking to realize the full potential of your existing products on an international level, the team at EQHO can help. To find out more, or to discuss your project, contact us today.

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