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Localizing for online retail

Retailers are forever looking for the magic bullet to boost sales. With the role of ecommerce increasing as more and more consumers turn to laptops, smartphones and tablets to make purchases, the potential for retailers is enormous; clarity of message is therefore more important than ever. At the same time, with the ongoing shift towards the use of ‘big-data’, understanding customer needs and preferences offers retail brands the opportunity to customize and globalize their marketing efforts in ways never seen before.

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Localizing for online retail


Our Specialties

  • Websites & Ecommerce

  • Software & mobile apps

  • Video product demos

  • User guides

  • Quick-start guides

  • Technical manuals

  • Packaging

  • Corporate training

  • Compliance documentation

  • Quality procedures

More than just translation

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are central to any retailer’s long-term chances of success, and companies do not want to lose customers because they failed to take cultural and linguistic differences into consideration. With localization, these problems will never even surface.

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Industry Sectors

EQHO has enabled some of the world’s leading companies connect with an increasingly multicultural audience of customers and employees. Speciality areas include:

Industry Sectors

Multi-platform localization solutions for a modern global audience

The move towards home-based online shopping has also made localizing across media platforms crucial, including video and mobile, as brands seek to engage with their audience though unique shopping experiences. Over time, it has become increasingly more difficult for companies to mass-market in order to quickly build market share. As reaching markets becomes more and more fragmented; making the most of every communication channel has become key. This is where EQHO’s expertise in multimedia localization can help.

Regardless of media, we can provide value by helping you connect with your customers at every touch point in the buyer journey, wherever they are located in the world, whichever device they may be using, and in whatever language they speak.


Why localize?

Research has shown that 56.2 percent of consumers think the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price, while 72.4 percent are more likely to buy a product if information is available in their own language. This demonstrates how brands need to be on-message at all times, regardless of which language they are using, in order to be successful.


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With a comprehensive range of localization solutions, retailers can be confident they are producing marketing materials and product guides that will connect with customers from a range of different backgrounds. For more information about EQHO, contact us today.

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