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Instant gratification is the name of today’s media game. People consume and interact with information in a variety of different ways in today’s digital age. Whether it’s accessing Netflix on their smartphone, tablet or PC, or interacting with social media, reading the news and other text-based content, they expect to be able to find what they are looking for quickly in their native language.

Throughout the broadcasting and entertainment sector customer experience is being metamorphosed by a transition to accessible, on-demand solutions. This transformation can also be seen in media production, asset management and in monetization also. This shift represents a golden opportunity for media organizations – understanding global audience habits and knowing how to capitalize are the keys to success.

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End-to-end multimedia solutions

Access cutting-edge multimedia labs, in-house and in-country recording facilities and industry-leading expertise with EQHO’s turn-key solution. See why over 90% of the localization industry’s top 100 companies turn to EQHO for multimedia localization support. Let us provide the full solution from text and audio content extraction, to transcription, translation, voiceovers, localized graphics, and testing of final rendered multimedia files.

Professional voiceover

Looking for maximum impact? EQHO delivers premium quality voiceover for blockbuster games, TV and high-end corporate training. Our in-house studios complemented by a global network of partners enables us to deliver hundreds of hours of audio each year in over 65 languages.


Rapidly take your content to the market by adding local subtitles. The fastest and most cost-effective method of localizing media, subtitling enables companies to meet the expectations of consumers at a faster rate and at lower cost. 

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We can adapt over 65 languages. We have an unrivalled team of in-house linguists and experts, which means we can ensure your project will be completed to the highest standard. So to find out more about the adoption of content to meet the linguistic and cultural requirements of a specific target market, contact us now.

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