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Marketing Localization

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Marketing localization

Anyone who is involved in the marketing industry understands the power of words – and how influential a perfectly crafted sentence or slogan can be. From copywriting and advertising, through to logo design and overall branding, marketing experts are always looking for ways to enhance a company’s standing in their marketplace. However, when breaking into new markets, this process can become much more complicated due to linguistic and cultural differences. From the software and IT sector,  to travel and hospitality to retail and consumer products , EQHO has helped companies in a variety of industry sectors market their products around the world.

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What is localization?

Localization is the adaptation of content to meet the requirements of a specific area, and it requires a thorough understanding of the words to be translated, as well as the linguistic nuances and cultural norms of a particular area. The process of localization isn’t just about changing the language used, but taking a holistic approach to the company’s documents, marketing materials, website, multimedia and other content to ensure that everything from the graphics and design, through to the way dates, currencies and addresses are formatted works for the audience.

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A successful localization project should go completely unnoticed by your clients, and your localized content for one region should fit seamlessly with the localized content from another. We’ve all heard stories of translations going wrong – when the meaning of a slogan or phrase ends up completely different from the original, and this can often cause embarrassment for the company, as well as confusion or distrust among the potential clients in the new market. That’s why here at EQHO, we use in-country language specialists who are fully aware of each language’s oddities and fully able to catch these issues early on – before they become a problem.

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Localizing your company’s content, documents and multimedia will enable you to reach new markets and ensure that your branding remains clear and consistent no matter which market you’re trying to reach. To find out more, or to start the process of bringing your business to an international audience, contact EQHO today.

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