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Crystal-clear communication for a globalized economy

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Manufacturing and localization

In today’s globalized economy, it is increasingly common for the products we buy to have been manufactured somewhere overseas. For everyone involved in the process of manufacturing and distributing these goods, clear communication across linguistic and cultural barriers is essential. Manufacturers, for example, must be certain of the product specification, and they also may be required to provide supporting documents like user guides and data sheets in a variety of languages. By localizing this content for your target audience, rather than simply translating it, you’ll be able to provide central information with a professional edge that will help your firm stand out from your competition.

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A localization project can encompass a wide variety of elements, and here at EQHO, we have experience dealing will everything from internal sales documents, through to marketing materials and user guides. Our specialties include:

  • Operator manuals

  • User manuals

  • Maintenance manuals

  • Specification sheets

  • Manufacturing standards documents

  • Quality management systems

  • Technical elearning

  • Data sheets

  • Regulatory documents

  • Compliance documents

  • Human resources documents

How to localize your content

We are experts in localization – we work closely with our clients to ensure finished results that suit their requirements, as well as the needs of their clients and end users. We go beyond standard translations, working with a network of in-country linguists specialized in the manufacturing sector to adapt your content to suit local markets. In addition, our in-house team includes designers, engineers and testers, which enable us to provide a comprehensive range of turnkey services.

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How to localize your content
Terminology management

Terminology management

For most manufacturing businesses, specialized terminology is a regular occurrence – particularly in technical documents and manuals. To simplify the process of translation, and to save both time and money, we will develop a multilingual terminology glossary to record these words or phrases. Other tools will also be used, such as translation memory and computer-aided translation (CAT) to maximize efficiency, consistency and content leveraging

Localization 101

New to localization?

Download our free comprehensive 20 page Localization 101 guide


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Whether you would like to learn more about how localization can help your manufacturing business thrive in the international market, or are ready to start a localization project, the team at EQHO will be happy to help. Contact us today.

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