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Energy and localization

With global oil supplies diminishing, energy companies are constantly looking for the next great technological break-through in power generation. Whether it’s drilling for shale gas or focussing on renewable energy solutions such as solar, wind, or hydroelectricity, seeking the most effective and efficient way to harness power is essential. Not only will this improve the bottom line by opening up new revenue streams; companies can also take satisfaction from the fact they are making the world a better place by coming up with cheaper, more sustainable and environmentally friendly ways to generate power.

But once the process has been completed at one site, it needs to be replicated elsewhere around the globe. This can present significant challenges, as typically, different sites employ workers from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Bridging the language barrier is crucial in ensuring the effective rollout of new company policies and procedures, and this is where localization comes in.

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  • Renewable energy

  • Oil and gas

  • Nuclear

  • Mining

  • Hydroelectricity

  • Energy transportation

  • Exploration and production

  • Marketing and trading

  • Multilingual QHSE training

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Translations for Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE)

Most accidents in hazardous industries occur due to miscommunications or deviations from standard protocol. It should come as no surprise that many incidents are due to language and culture differences and could have been prevented, had native-language training been in place for global employees. In the energy sector today, to satisfy corporate objectives, not only do firms need to address the core mission of maximizing revenue; significant emphasis must also be given to HSE and the task of maintaining a perfect health, safety and environment record.

EQHO has accumulated significant experience helping major organizations in oil, gas and chemicals, such as Transocean, Diamond Offshore, Dow Chemicals and BP. We have helped corporations around the world rollout multilingual training to help ensure the safety of their global workforce.

See how we helped one major energy company make their workplace safer.

The benefits of localization

The benefits of localization

Localization preserves brand consistency across languages and platforms, negates the chances of inadvertently offending your target audience through a cultural mishap and, in the case of energy firms offers them the chance to speak to their global workforce with a single voice. Through the centralized localization of all of your media, print and sales materials, significant cost savings can be achieved as well as eliminating duplication of work.

Localization 101

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With nearly two decades of experience in the energy sector and skilled in-house linguists capable of translating into over 50 languages , EQHO is well placed to help energy companies with their localization needs. To find out how quickly you can transcend cultural and linguistic barriers with our services, contact us today.

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