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Consumer electronics

Capitalize on global opportunities with an effective localization strategy

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Localizing consumer electronics

Covering products ranging from smartphones and tablets, through to televisions, computers, digital cameras and video game consoles, the consumer electronics industry is a major part of the global economy. For companies that sell these items, being able to provide reliable, clear and consistent messages across product ranges is essential – from the marketing materials to the user guides and the user interfaces incorporated within the product itself, this will help you to build customer confidence, communicate effectively and ultimately give your brand the edge over your competitors.

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  • User manuals

  • Operations manuals

  • Graphical User Interface

  • Specifications Sheets

  • Packaging

  • Websites and Ecommerce

  • Marketing collateral

  • Marketing Presentations

  • Video Product Demos

More than translation

More than translation

Here at EQHO, we provide localization services for the consumer electronics industry – this means not only translating, but also paying close attention to the linguistic nuances that can sometimes get lost or confused in a literal translation.

Our team comprises a network of in-country subject matter experts specialized in the consumer electronics industry – we cater to more than 50 languages and maintain an in-house team that includes designers, engineers, voiceover artists, testers, linguists and support staff.

Drawing on our broad range of talent, our localization service can also involve making adjustments to elements such as design, color schemes, voiceovers, sound effects and images to ensure that your products have maximum impact in each of your target markets.

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In today’s fast moving world, releasing a product in one country, then waiting weeks, or months to release it in another region is no longer acceptable. As with the software industry, simultaneous shipping or ‘Sim-Shipping’ is also now a primary goal for the consumer electronics industry.

This requires a significant amount of planning and language expertise to make it happen. At EQHO, we have a team of dedicated project managers who will work with you from the earliest stages of your project to ensure each element of your localization project is finished on time and to the high quality you expect.

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As language services providers with nearly two decades of experience, EQHO is the ideal choice for a wide range of localization and translation services. To find out more, or to discuss your next project with a member of our team, contact us today.

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