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The automotive sector and localization

The automotive sector is one of the most competitive arenas in global business, so car manufacturers need to have their global branding finely tuned if they are to get out ahead of their competitors and grow worldwide market share. Unlike in some other sectors, automotive firms need to be big on detail to satisfy an increasingly savvy audience. Consumers want to know about pricing options, color choices, configurations, view product videos online, read customer reviews and much more before they are ready to make a purchase.

Technological developments and the rise of hybrid and electric vehicles also means the range of vehicles on offer has never been greater, creating additional challenges for operations and maintenance specialists. Car manufacturers therefore need to be able to disseminate this mass of information quickly and consistently to consumers and employees in all regions of the world in their native tongue as they seek to build a global brand, boost sales and maintain customer satisfaction.

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A localization project can encompass a wide variety of elements. At EQHO, we have experience dealing with almost anything automotive; from internal sales documents and training, through to microsites, product videos, user guides and inventory control software systems. Our specialties include:

  • Operations manuals

  • Maintenance manuals

  • Model specific documentation

  • Parts catalogs

  • Corporate communications

  • Training and compliance

  • Websites and ecommerce

  • Marketing collateral

  • Product video demos

  • Inventory control systems

What is localization?

Each market has its own unique culture, so brands need to make sure they do not run adverts or produce content that unintentionally offends the very people they are trying to engage with.

Localization is much more than a simple translation. It is the adaptation of content into a different language, taking into consideration specific cultural and linguistic nuances to make sure the original message remains, regardless of the target market.

EQHO can localize all of your brand literature in over 50 languages, in turn enhancing your chances of making a significant mark on a global scale.

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How can it help your brand?

In short, localization not only offers brand consistency, but also the ability to reach almost any audience in their native language. It also lets brands offer greater customer service thanks to the personalized content customers will receive. Reflecting the better quality of your products through your content and customer touchpoints should be your number one mission and this will help you to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Localization 101

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We offer a range of localization services and have an impressive track record of helping companies outshine their competitors. For more information about how we can help your firm with localization, please contact us.

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