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Effortlessly integrate corporate eLearning solution into training programs.

From instructional guide video, interactive or gamification, EQHO eLearning Development brings you A-to-Z package for employees to acquire selective skills conducted by MNCs for professionals in global standards.
  • Fifteen industry verticals, fifteen core areas of translation & localization expertise

    Success Stories

    APTARA – 20 languages, 160 voice artists and just 2 weeks to roll it out
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  • Boost your brand value globally by delivering engaging and relevant customer experiences locally

    Success Stories

    Taking BP Regionally, Then Globally
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  • Why EQHO eLearning development?


    In-house turnkey production

    Maintain project control by working with a partner who can produce end-to-end localized courseware. With our digitized professional in-house recording facilities, ISO certified workflows, a skilled team of sound engineers and multimedia operators, complemented by a talent pool of over 4,000 professional translators, voice artists, language monitors, and in-house native testers; EQHO provides a comprehensive eLearning localization package.

    Flexibility and advice

    Maintain ownership of certain key tasks. While EQHO has the capability to produce fully localized, published, tested multimedia eLearning courses in over 50 languages in-house, we are able to coordinate to slot neatly into your existing workflow. Depending on whether you choose to outsource everything or you wish to conduct any localization components internally, we can also provide advice on internationalization elements. We can review your storyboards and associated project assets for translation, recording and integration ‘readiness’, so that it’s pain free when it comes time for you to rollout your courses.

    eLearning technologies

    Adobe After Effects

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    Adobe Captivate

    adobe captivate
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    Adobe Premier

    adobe premier
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    Adobe Flash

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    HTML 5
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    elearning technologies


    elearning technologies



    Find out more

    With extensive training experience from SMEs in compliance, onboarding, leadership development, EQHO eLearning Development provides premium package in multilingual digital learning content delivery that fits your business, either by software applications or web-based platforms.. If you want to find out more about this great opportunity, contact EQHO today.

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