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Our story

For 20 years we’ve been helping businesses expand into new markets – East to West & West to East, we help companies bridge the communications gap

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From humble beginnings to global success

EQHO (pronounced /’eko/) was founded in 1996. Originally we started out translating business correspondence in a single local language – today, 20 years on, we translate over 200,000 words daily in over 100 language combinations in addition to providing strategic globalization advice to many of the world’s most well-known firms across Asia, Europe and the US. According to Common Sense Advisory (CSA), the localization industry’s leading research organization, EQHO is ranked as the region’s 16th highest grossing language service provider.


Diverse global client-base

EQHO’s customers fit a multitude of profiles, ranging from local businesses to tech start-ups, games developers, ecommerce giants and conglomerates. By virtue of our client-base, we estimate that over a billion people globally have been touched by an EQHO localized product at some point in their daily lives.

View our previous work to see how we help small, medium and large brands achieve results

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Industry Specialization

We’re specialists not generalists! Rather than resigning ourselves to being ‘just ok’ at everything, we choose to specialize in key verticals, which include Ecommerce, Games, Travel and Hospitality,eLearning and Software/ ERP Localization. By specializing, we ensure the best possible results for our clients.


World-Class Customer Service

At the heart of everything we do is our World-Class Customer Service strategy (WCCS). WCCS touches staff, suppliers, partners and clients with a truly customer-centric approach which includes solution-mindedness, tailored services, rapid response timesand ongoing development. ‘Good enough’, is never good enough.


Giving back to society

Our success has also brought with it its fair share of benefits – we have found ourselves in a privileged position to give back to society – working as sponsors of Translators without Borders and aligning ourselves with NGOs and local universities.

Check out the project that we carried out for one NGO, The Media Alliance for their campaign ‘Redraw the Line’

The-Media-Alliance-Logo-Inbrief14106124Translators without Borders

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