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EQHO’s robust yet flexible localization strategies are designed to help you save time and money as well as build a solid platform from which to scale

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Custom workflows. Best-practice processes.
Great results

Through our range of customized processes, built following software localization best practices, EQHO has been successfully delivering large-scale, multi-discipline software localization projects, as well as ongoing, regular patches and updates for some of the biggest names in Software and IT. We pride ourselves on our multi-disciplinary approach – a methodology which enables us

to deliver a finished product which delivers the best results both for your business and your customers. Over the past two decades, EQHO has helped some of the most influential tech companies achieve success in some of the most challenging markets and languages. Click to see some of our software & IT work. Our experience speaks for itself. Check out some case studies below.

What we localize

  • Web-based applications

  • Desktop applications

  • Client-server applications

  • Mobile applications

  • eLearning platforms (LMS)

  • Electronic device interface

  • Help, FAQ’s & user guides

Our Services

  • Localization engineering

  • Terminology management

  • GUI, Help & Doc localization

  • Graphics localization

  • Multilingual voiceover

  • Multimedia localization

  • Compliance testing

  • Translation memory development

  • Fifteen industry verticals, fifteen core areas of translation & localization expertise
    IBM streamline translation and localization costs
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  • Fifteen industry verticals, fifteen core areas of translation & localization expertise
    ABBYY Accelerate Their Global Roll-Out
    Read the case study…
  • Impartial advice

    EQHO can also add further value to your software localization initiatives by giving sensible advice on software localization strategy, language prioritization, internationalization, and software localization best practices – with “sim-shipping” being the ultimate objective. Our ultimate goal is to help you align your software development practices and strategy with software localization processes. These robust yet flexible software localization strategies help you save localization time and costs as well as to build a solid platform from which to scale.

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    Impartial advice


    Market share BRIMC + ASEAN countries by 2015

    Localization for global software marketing

    Localization for global software marketing

    Even a great product won’t sell itself – companies need to rise above their competition with a slick global marketing strategy. From social media, digital advertising, and video product demos, to websites and microsites; marketers have multiple channels at their disposal in which to promote a new product release. At EQHO we don’t just localize your software, we actually help you sell it, by providing the full suite of localization solutions for software marketers, to enable them promote their products on a global scale.

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    For a successful international rollout, it’s essential to ensure that your product – whether it’s a game, a social app, a tool or an operating system – has been localized effectively for your target audience. To find out more about the software and mobile localization solutions from EQHO, contact us today.

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