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It’s about more than words

For businesses to successfully operate on an international stage, getting a clear, concise and consistent message out to customers is crucial – and this means you need to be able to communicate effectively in a variety of languages, despite language quirks and cultural barriers. Localization is the process of adapting your content to suit a local audience. That’s why a successful localization project isn’t just about translating text! Here at EQHO, we take a comprehensive approach to localization, ensuring the best results possible, and here’s how it’s done…


Localization - made as easy as 1, 2, 3

While localization is by no means a simple task, at EQHO we aim to make the process as easy for you as possible.

1.Analyze and prepare

Using all of the latest hi-tech localization gadgets and gizmos

At the beginning of every project, we will carry out an in-depth consultation with you to ensure we fully understand your requirements. When we are certain we have everything we need, we’ll conduct an analysis of the files, maximizing costs savings by using all the latest translation technology. We’ll produce a word count, quote and schedule and we’re ready to start. Once given the green light, we then prepare by developing terminology glossaries and voiceover pronunciation guides.

2.Translate and localize

A combined effort of in-country linguists and our in-house localization professionals

Using the translation memories and terminology glossaries, as well as client style guides and other reference materials, the translation and localization process begins. All projects pass through a multistage linguistic process as standard, including translation by subject matter experts and editing by a separate senior editor. As part of the process, we will also incorporate any local market changes, localize voiceover and multimedia content, as well as carry out engineering, graphic design and layout adjustments as necessary.

3.Test and deliver

Final native QA check to ensure you content is 100% ready for your audience

All of our documentation, software, web and multimedia localization projects undergo strict quality assurance checks as standard prior to delivery, including proofreading, QA, linguistic and functional testing. Having a production center in a cosmopolitan city like Bangkok, means that we are also able to assemble native language quality assurance teams, on-demand, to perform testing in-house in over 50 languages.

What else is involved?

While localization invariably involves translation, there’s a lot more involved in the process – as it covers non-textual aspects of your communication as well as textual.

For example, depending on your requirements, a localization project may also involve:

  • Changing to local currencies

  • Evaluating color choices

  • Adapting graphics and images

  • Switching soundtracks and sound effects

  • Altering formats of dates

  • Adjusting addresses & phone numbers


Tailor made solutions

At EQHO, we tailor make solutions to suit each client’s individual needs. We work hard to devise a strategy and customize processes that will work best for your business, based on the type of content and its intended use. In every instance, we will endeavor to ensure the finished result meets both the linguistic and cultural expectations of your local markets.

Localization 101

New to localization?

Download our free comprehensive 20 page Localization 101 guide


What we localize

  • Video & Multimedia
    EQHO’s in-house multimedia lab, recording studios, technicians and native language testers integrate to ensure flawless multimedia output for every project
  • Website & Ecommerce
    EQHO’s custom website localization solutions help you to increase online conversions and grow global revenues by providing exceptional local user web experiences
  • Software & Mobile
    EQHO’s robust yet flexible localization strategies are designed to help you save time and money as well as build a solid platform from which to scale
  • Documents & Manuals
    EQHO’s suite of document localization solutions gives your team everything they need to deliver accurate, engaging documents, quickly and cost-effectively
  • eLearning & Training
    EQHO’s tightly integrated in-house multimedia localization solutions give eLearning developers everything they need to roll-out high-quality multilingual courseware

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