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88% of people worldwide only book holidays from websites presenting information in their native language. Start reaching new lucrative international markets today

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Localizing for travel and hospitality

Being able to connect with international audiences is an important consideration for many types of businesses, but in the travel industry – where nearly all of your clients come from somewhere overseas – it’s a must. For instance, it might shock you to know that by 2020, it is estimated that there will be 500 million Chinese nationals with ‘middle-class’ income status. From this number it is estimated that there will be some 200 million outbound Chinese tourists looking for their next great holiday spot. It’s also interesting to know that most people (88%) prefer to book from companies presenting information in their native language. Is your business ready for the Asian travel boom?

EQHO provides localization services for clients around the world – and our specialty is Asia. Cutting-edge technology, combined with in-country linguists covering more than 50 languages, a wealth of industry experience and outstanding quality assurance enables us to provide a high-level of service and finished results that will help to keep you ahead of the competition.

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  • Ecommerce portals

  • Corporate/ hotel websites

  • Mobile applications

  • Marketing collateral

  • Video & multimedia

  • Hotel management software

  • Inventory software

  • Training & communications

  • Travel reviews & user generated content

What to localize

What to localize?

In order to create a seamless and consistent customer experience, all of your content needs to be localized to suit your various target audiences.

  • Your website – including ecommerce pages, online booking forms and mobile apps

  • Your technology – such as software platforms, booking systems, inventory management and hotel management

  • Your marketing materials – brochures, promotional videos, television spots, printed advertisements

Here at EQHO, we don’t just provide translation services – our team of experts includes designers, graphic artists, voice talents and multimedia experts who can work with you to ensure that all of your content is ready for the international market.

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We’ll help you stay one step ahead of your competitors

Having worked with hotels, resorts, online travel agencies, and airlines around the world, EQHO can assist you to develop your brand in Southeast Asia. As your localization partner, we’ll work with you to maximize your bottom line and reach new lucrative international markets, in a region where so many are flailing.


Know your audience

A significant part of the localization process is understanding your customer-base in a particular area – how they talk about travel and what they expect from a getaway. Even in countries where the same language is spoken, terminology can vary significantly. For example, Americans go on ‘vacation’ while people from the UK go on ‘holiday’. This means that to provide clearest communication for each of these groups, you’ll need to provide two sets of localized content. Meanwhile, different cultures expect different things from their travel experiences. In one culture, the point of travel is to relax on a beach, soak up the sun and dine on exquisite foods. Other groups may be more interested in exploring new places, seeing important landmarks and immersing themselves in the local culture.

Get started with EQHO

If your business is based in the travel sector and want to ensure that your company and the services it offers, are being clearly communicated to your clients and potential clients, then localization is the key to success. To find out more about the options available, as well as to get advice and guidance from our expert team, contact EQHO today.

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