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People consume and interact with information in a variety of different ways in today’s digital age. Whether it’s accessing the internet on their smartphone, tablet or PC to watch videos, interact with social media, read the news and other text-based content, they expect to be able to find what they are looking for quickly and ideally in their own language. Therefore, for companies with global ambitions, delivering high-quality and consistent content across multiple languages and platforms is a must if they want to engage with a modern global audience.

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Translation & localization services

With over 15 years of direct client and subcontract relationships with the largest localization firms, we can successfully localize content in the media and entertainment sector.


  • Translation

  • Multilingual voiceover

  • Subtitling and closed captions

  • Marketing collateral

  • Video dubbing

  • Multimedia localization

  • Documentary dubbing

  • Video game localization

  • Digital learning

  • Website localization

Why localization

Why localization?

Content creation can be a precarious and expensive undertaking for companies. Retaining meaning and brand voice across multiple languages is an even more complex task. Through the use of localization, firms can do this in a cost-effective and brand enhancing way.

At EQHO, we take a consultative approach with each and every project. With our deep understanding of language nuances, regional dialects and accents, we are able to determine the right choices of translators and voice artists for your projects.

We only ever use qualified linguists and voice artists so you never have to worry about your message being ‘lost in translation’. We make the necessary regional adjustments so that the final product appears like it was created in that language all along. And as a final touch – we have the ability to test and make fine-tunings in-house in 50 languages prior to delivery, with the ultimate aim of ensuring a great user experience.

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Localization 101

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We can adapt over 50 languages. We have an unrivalled team of in-house linguists and experts, which means we can ensure your project will be completed to the highest standard. So to find out more about the adoption of content to meet the linguistic and cultural requirements of a specific target market contact us now.

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