Gaming – a $100 billion global industry. Are your games ready for a global audience?

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Gaming and localization

Gaming is a global industry that will continue to grow significantly as organizations increasingly target international markets. Improvements in technology means product launches have never played a bigger role in the success of gaming companies.

Maximizing overseas sales and increasing global brand identity will be central to success in the gaming industry, which is why localization is so important, as this ensures brands can seamlessly bring products and services to new markets.

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What we localize

  • Video games

  • Game based learning

  • Social networking games

  • Mobile apps

  • Software GUI

  • User manuals

  • Packaging

  • Official game websites

  • Marketing collateral

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why localization

Why localization?

Unlike traditional translation services, localization does much more than convert words into different languages. Instead, it factors in cultural and linguistic nuances and non-textual issues to make sure your messaging is consistent and clear. The best localization goes unnoticed and leads to both brand enhancement and engagement. EQHO’s games localization services include:

  • Localization project management and planning

  • Pre- & post-engineering services

  • Terminology glossary & style guide development

  • GUI, help file & documentation translation & localization

  • Game script preparation & translation

  • Screen-shooting, graphics localization, dialogue resizing

  • Voiceover recording

  • Subtitling

  • Multimedia localization & integration

  • In-house game testing and QA support

A game changer

With international markets the key to success, gaming companies cannot afford to take any chances with their branding. Game players are an intelligent and demanding group, regardless of what language they speak, so establishing an interactive relationship is essential if brands are going to stimulate international players to the same degree as that of the original product conception.

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If gaming companies are looking to make a big impact globally with their latest product launch, localization has to be part of their plan. We have nearly two decades experience of creating top quality content for different audiences and can guarantee consistent messaging. We also only work with native in-country professional translators that have considerable experience of the games industry. For more information, get in touch.

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