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EQHO’s suite of document localization solutions gives your team everything they need to deliver accurate, engaging documents, quickly and cost-effectively

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Quality. Accuracy.

EQHO offers a range of translation and localization services designed to help you create professional documents and manuals in virtually any document publishing application, target language and at almost any level of complexity. We specialize in producing high-quality localized documents with the same integrity and impact as your original products, to enable you to successfully meet the demands of your target audience.

With in-country translators and subject specialists located worldwide in over 60 countries and two centralized Asia-based production centers made up of localization engineers, desktop publishing specialists and quality assurance experts, EQHO can tailor a localization solution to suit your global business objectives. Some of the biggest names in global business rely on EQHO to deliver. View some of our case studies to find out more.

What we localize

  • Data sheets

  • Regulatory

  • Compliance

  • Operator manuals

  • User manuals

  • Maintenance manuals

  • Specifications sheets

  • Manufacturing standards

Our Services

  • File engineering

  • Graphics localization

  • Terminology management

  • Translation & editing

  • Subject matter expertise

  • Desktop publishing

  • Quality assurance

  • Translation memory management

  • We help companies engage with customers across multiple platforms and languages through high-quality localized content
    Siemens high-speed Airport Rail Link (ARL) – a race against time.
    Read case study…
  • Boost your brand value globally by delivering engaging and relevant customer experiences locally
    Taking BP Regionally, Then Globally
    Read the case study…
  • Human + technology = success

    In addition to working with professional human translators, we harness the power of state-of-the-art localization technology, including the latest translation tools. The use of translation tools provides many key benefits, including recycling of repeated text which reduces cost and maintains consistency.

    Tools also enable translators to collaborate with one another which helps to ensure consistent use of style and terminology among large teams, enabling both quality and efficiency to be maintained. Our goal is simple – perfect human quality translations, delivered quickly and cost-effectively.

    See how it’s done

    Human and Technology

    In-country subject experts worldwide

    To guarantee that only the best translations are provided to our customers, we enlist the services of affiliated in-country professional linguists from around the world, in addition to employing a range of subject-matter specialists and technical translation experts who have specific experience and knowledge of your business sector. This helps to ensure that all elements of the translation are addressed, including subject domain, technical difficulty, terminology and style, so that your customers enjoy the clear and credible communications that they expect, regardless of language.


    of consumers who say they would be more likely to purchase from a company that offered after-sales support in their native language

    Typesetting and design services

    Typesetting and design services

    Getting the translation right is only the first step to creating localized documents and manuals that will appeal to your target audience – there’s also the question of presentation.

    Here at EQHO, our in-house DTP team publishes thousands of pages of multilingual documents in more than 50 languages every year. We can process these documents quickly and to tight timescales, while maintaining extremely high standards and producing an end result that has the same integrity and impact as the source, while at the same time complying with all linguistic and typographical standards of each individual language.

    Digitizing and Printing Services

    Digitizing and Printing your content in both the source and localized language will help you to reach more audiences both online and offline.

    At EQHO, we have solutions to meet all your Digitizing and Printing needs –

    • Scanning and Converting hardcopies content via Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to digital files

    • Bulk Printing, Offset Printing, Report Printing, Booklet Printing etc. especially for Localized content

    • Digital based printing into soft copies (PDF, Graphics) and hard copies

    Digitizing and Printing Services

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